"A Nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights
which God has given them, cannot be enslaved"        
Benjamin Franklin
Join Today, Do Something Positive

Why Tea Party?

Our historical greatness as a nation, and our hope for the future is enshrined in the principles of:

Individual Liberty and Private Property Rights

A Federal Government that operates within its Constitutional
     Limits and is Fiscally Responsible

The Exercise of Free Market Capitalism.

We believe that these principles are not only under attack now, but have been under attack for a long time, pitting those of us who adhere to these principles against those who subscribe to bigger government operating with virtually unlimited power. Historically, our side...the side that favors these (3) principles... has been losing. Government spending is historically high as a percentage of our economy and heading higher. We’re on the road to bankruptcy, accompanied by even more tyranny, and ultimately collapse.Tea Party organizations across this country are working together, to prevent this from happening, and to restore us to the principles that led to our greatness in the first place.

Why This Tea Party?

Our current members are engaged and mobilizing, at all levels of government. We leverage our resources alongside tea parties and patriot groups across Western North Carolina. We openly and actively partner with non-partisan organizations such as iCaucus www.iCaucus.org, Conservative Christian Action Team-CCAT CCActionteam.org and Voter Integrity Project - NC www.voterintegrityproject.org, to influence issues here on the ground as well as across our state. Our culture is a “we” culture, with an emphasis on working together, encouraging each other, and achieving results together.

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